Excited about you next festival and thinking “how the hell is my Smartphone battery going to last the entire weekend”? Want to be able to take pictures, post to social media and check the football scores while at the Picnic? Well look no further than the Volt Recharging Service available at dozens of festivals across Europe including Bestival and Zurich Open Air
How does it work?
  1. Book a Volt Charger online at getvolt.dk
  2. Pick up your Volt Charger at the festival and charge your phone on the go.
  3. When out of power, simply swap the Volt Charger for a new fully charged one. You can swap once a day for free.
  4. Get hold of your friends, take pictures and share epic moments without running out of power.

Check out the video below to give you an idea

Will my phone work?

The Volt charger works with virtually all phones including Samsung, Apple, Nokia etc

So how much does this essential item cost?

£20 at the festival site
£16.95 online from the VOLT Bestival page
Zurich Open Air
CHF 20 at the festival site
CHF 14.95 online from the VOLT Zurich Open Air page
There is a charger deposit which is refunded if you return your charger during the festival. If you want to keep your Volt charger, you can pick up a free cable for charging your Volt charger at the stand. In that case your deposit will not be refunded.
So what are you waiting for? Secure your charger now at getvolt.dk.

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