Southside Festival

Where: Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany

When: 23rd – 25th June 2017

Who’s playing: Green Day, Linkin Park, Casper

Germany is renowned as one of the top Music Festival destinations in Europe and Southside Festival is one of the top German music festivals every year. Located in the south of Germany near the town of Tuttlingen, the nearest main cities are Stuttgart and Munich.

Southside Festival is the sister festival of the Hurricane Festival based in the north of Germany and the two festivals share the same lineup with bands playing on alternate nights. The Tickets cost €155 for the 3 days which includes camping. Campervan/Motorhome tickets cost €25 per van.

Southside Festival Highlights




This is a very good tip for people looking to bring liquids into the festival site. Very early on the first day we realised that a lot of people were walking around the festival with cartons of juice wrapped around their bodies! On closer inspection we realised that the clever Germans had made a strap for their 1L juice cartons with Duct Tape and were carrying them around like a new festival fashion accessory. Turns out that the festival organisers allow you to bring in a 1 Litre carton of juice into the festival site.

We used this very clever idea when at the Rock Werchter Festival the following year. Worked like a charm and saved us a fortune!


This might not be the first thing you think of when attending a festival but at the Southside Festival recycling is big business. We saw lots of people with bags of empty cans, cardboard etc queuing up to recycle them. Apparently for each bag there is a cash reward so if attending the Southside festival be sure to bring some bin liners with you!


For a small fee per van you can park it in the campsite. We witnesses many different types of vehicles parked in this area from rented Campervans/motorhomes to old Ford Vans and even a tractor pulling a shed type thing behind it! This area is mainly concrete so if it does rain you won’t be covered in mud and more importantly your van won’t get stuck in the mud!


For those of you who enjoy a drink or two inside the festival grounds, you will be happy to hear that there are plenty of bars dotted around the site. Some of the bars are located in front of the two main stages which means you can enjoy a beverage at the bar while watching your favourite band on stage.

Southside Festival



Other Stuff

The music is great, the stages/tents are great but there’s not much else going on in the way of Arts/Comedy/Film etc. Some other festivals have movie theatres, fashion shows, art and other cool things going on during the day and night. It depends what you are into but for Southside to compete with some of the bigger festivals they might need to cater for these things.

Silent Disco

The Silent Disco is always a hit at any festival we have been to and gives festival goers an outlet to dance like a lunatic without a care in the world.


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