Rock Wechter

Where: Werchter (near Leuven), Belgium

When: 29th June – 2nd July 2017

Headliners: Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Arcade Fire & Kings of Leon

Located near the town of Leuven in Belgium, Rock Werchter attracts the biggest names in music every year. This is one of the biggest festivals in Europe and has won Best Line-up award in 2009 & 2011 at the European Festival Awards.
The festival can host up to 85,000 people each day. The Tickets cost €200 for the 4 days and €18 (€25 for an XL Camping ticket and you can camp a day earlier) to add camping which opens on the first day of the festival.

Rock Werchter


Each year Rock Werchter has an amazing line-up. Other festivals will have a Headline act for each night but Rock Werchter have so many awesome acts each night that any one of them could be the headliner. For Example, Blur, Kings of Leon and Phoenix all on the Friday night at last year’s festival!
Rock Werchter 2014 will see likes of Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Pixies, The Black Keys and Franz Ferdinand take to the stage.


Located in Werchter near Leuven in Belgium the organisers of the festival have nicely included the train and bus fares as part of the ticket price. You can get to the festival at no charge from anywhere in Belgium.
In 2013, we rented a car from Brussels Charleroi Airport and drove to the Festival site picking up some supplies on the way. For those of you who are flying to Belgium this is a good option as it takes just over an hour (can be a bit of traffic when approaching Werchter). It worked out easier than getting a shuttle bus from the airport to Charleroi, then two trains to Werchter and another shuttle bus to the festival. Having said that the transport is free so you might want to avail of that.
See our Rock Werchter Campsite Review which includes information on the car parks

Rock Village

Rock Village is an accommodation area located within a 10 minute walk of the festival ground. This area consists of a number of Chalets (2 person and 4 person). Besides the luxury of not having to pitch a tent, Rock Village has many benefits such as hot tubs, massages, heated pool, breakfast buffet, BBQ, power supply with sockets (a rare commodity at a festival!) and clean toilets and showers. Costs are in the Lowlight section below!

Walk Way to Festival

All Campsites open onto a walkway leading to the Festival entrance. This walkway is great as it full of pop up bars and food stands. It is good for having a few drinks and some food on way into the festival or when the festival wraps up each evening. Bars seem to open well into the night.

Rock Werchter



Number of Stages

There are currently only 3 Stages at Rock Werchter after the introduction of a 3rd Stage in 2012. Some people may see this as a benefit as it means less work getting between the stages however if you are used to some of the bigger festivals with several stages this layout might be a bit cramped for you.

Entertainment Options

Even though the lineup is always excellent there isn’t a whole lot else going on in the way of entertainment. Other European Festivals have Silent Disco’s, Fairgrounds, Comedy Tents etc for people to explore between seeing their favourite musical acts. Unfortunately Rock Werchter lacks in this area.

Rock Village Cost

As mentioned above this is a great option for accommodation however it does come at a price! The 4 person Chalet costs €1299 for the 4 days of the festival. This works out at €325 each which is more expensive than the actual festival ticket!

Option to Rent Tents

Unlike other festivals around Europe, it is not possible to rent a tent and have it already pitched when you arrive. This option is very desirable for festival goers travelling from outside of Belgium. Possible option in the future?

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