Your Guide to all the Rock Werchter Campsites

Picking a good campsite at a Festival can make or break your Festival experience but can be stressful. Do you want to be in the liveliest campsite or a quieter one? Do you want some shelter or be in the sun? Do you want to be closer to the carpark or the festival site? Close to the bar or the Rock Werchter Campsiteshowers? All very important questions.

Hopefully this guide will help with your decision as to which Rock Werchter Campsite is for you. Click on the Campsite map to the right to enlarge.

First piece of advise is that you can only enter the campsite of which you are assigned so insure that you and your friends have decided on a campsite before you arrive.

Rock Werchter Campsites A2/A3/A4

  • A2 & A3 are open on Wednesday 3rd July at 4pm for people who have the XL Camping tickets. A3 is open first and Camping A2 opens when Camping A3 is full.
  • A4 opens on Thursday morning at 8am, or earlier if A2 and A3 are full.
  • Located next to Car Park A5 and costs €20 if you park from Wednesday or €15 if you park from Thursday
  • These are the closest campsites to the festival site but are likely to fill up quickly
  • Campsite A3 has showers (accessible to campers from all areas costing €4), a supermarket and a Free Internet Tent
  • Driving – Take road from Haacht
  • Bus – The stop in Haacht (Zone A) is only 200 metres from campsites A2 A3 & A4
  • Train – At Leuven Station, get bus Zone A – Haacht
  • Check out the Campsite A2/A3/A4 website here

Rock Werchter Campsite A1

  • B1 opens at 8am on Thursday 4th July
  • Located only a few minutes walk to the festival site
  • Access is the same as A2/A3/A4 above via Haacht

Rock Werchter Campsite B0

  • B0 opens at 8am on Thursday 4th July
  • Has a wooden area which can be used to camp in the shade. If weather is nice this could prevent you from waking up in oven!
  • Also located beside the River but swimming in it is not allowed unfortunately!
  • Also has an area away from the shade for catching some rays
  • Access road is from Rotselaar (only accessible via E313 and via Rotselaar)

Rock Werchter Campsite B1

  • B1 opens at 8am on Thursday 4th July
  • Closest Campsite to the bus stops A1,B,C
  • Showers with warm water and free fresh water available in B1
  • Check out the B1 Campsite website here

Rock Werchter Campsite C1

  • B1 opens at 8am on Thursday 4th July
  • Located over the River form the Festival Site.
  • It is the closest of the 3 “C” campsites to the Festival Site
  • Accessible alongside the Betekom-Werchter road, and alongside the Werchter ring (only accessible via Tremelo and Aarschot)
  • Bus stop is Zone A1, B, C

Rock Werchter Campsite C2

  • C2 opens at 8am on Thursday 4th July
  • Showers and a snackbar selling breakfast, snacks, beer etc
  • Party Tent also located in C2 which is accessible for campers of other campsites too
  • Access same as C1 above

Rock Werchter Campsite C3

  •  C3 opens at 8am on Thursday 4th July
  • Showers and a food and drink marquee
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Close to one of the Kiss and Ride Zones
  • Access the same as C2 above
  • Check out the Campsite C3 website here

 Rock Werchter Campsite C7

  •  C7 opens at 8am on Thursday 4th July
  • This is the furthest campsite away from the festival site
  • As you would expect it is easy to get a spot here
  • Also able to camp near your car as Car Park C8 is connected

Rock Village

  • This is the alternative to camping at Rock Werchter and is a 10 minute walk to the festival site.
  • Rock Village contains Chalets (4 people) and Sleeponsite rooms (2 people)
  • A Chalet costs €1199 for the 4 days for 4 people (€300 each)
  • A Sleeponsite Room costs €760 for 2 people ( €380 each)
  • Facilities include free buffet breakfast, swimming pool, free massage, Jacuzzi, power supply, WIFI and free BBQ (7th July)
  • Read our review of Rock Werchter including a piece on Rock Village here
  • Check out the Rock Village website here

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