Festival Gadget – Keeping your Phone dry

Overboard Waterproof Case

Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation of being to a rain soaked festival? You arrive back to your tent to find out that it’s not rain proof and that all your belongings are soaking wet? You can try to dry out your clothes etc but other more valuable items like your smart phone might not be as easy to fix.

In order to keep your smartphone dry during a washed out festival why not try this dry case from Overboard. You place your smartphone into the case and it will protect it from getting wet etc.

I know what you are thinking…..what about when I want to use the phone. This is no problem as the phone is fully operational while in the case. The special casing allows the owner to still use the touchscreen functionality without any issues so you can make calls, send texts and surf the net.

overboard-100-waterproof-iphone-phone-case-water-sea-2246-pIf you are lucky enough to be going to a festival based at a beach venue like Benicassim, Sziget, Ibiza Rocks etc then this Phone Case could come in handy for a more enjoyable reason….not letting the sea, sand or pool ruin your SmartPhone. It will also protect the phone from sand getting into your phone.

Overboard have a range of Waterproof Cases for all types of phones, tablets, cameras etc.

You can buy this Waterproof Case (RRP £27.49) and lots more Festival Gadgets for your phone on the Overboard website at www.over-board.co.uk

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