opener-2017Where: Gdynia, Poland

When: 28th June – 1st July 2017

Headliners: Radiohead, Foo Fighters, The Weeknd & The XX

The Heineken Open’er Festival is held in the North of Poland near the Tri-city of Gdansk, Gdynia & Sopot at the start of July each year. Winner of the Best Major Festival award in 2009 and 2010 at the European Festival Awards.

There are 7 stages set across an old Military Airport showcasing some of the best acts in music from across the globe. A 4 day ticket costs PLN 470 (€114) and a 4 day ticket with 7 days camping costs PLN 550 (€133).

Heineken Open'er Festival Highlights



Value For Money

As you can see from the ticket prices above the festival tickets are good value. €133 for a 4 day festival including camping is a lot cheaper than some of the other main festivals in Europe. Even when you get there everything is quite cheap. A beer for example at the festival will only cost a couple of euro and if you are picking up some cans of beer for the campsite, these are very cheap!


It’s possible to buy a SKM City ticket for PLN 23 (€6) from the festival organisers. When you arrive you can exchange this ticket for a transport wristband which allows you unlimited use of the local trains to get between Gdynia (festival location) and the other two nearby cities Gdansk and Sopot. There is also a free shuttle bus from the Train Station in Gdynia and the festival site.


Some festivals have good food and some festivals don’t! Open’er festival does some good food especially if you are not vegetarian! They have a vast array of different steaks, sausages, kebabs etc. and all are relatively cheap. Yum!

Festival Extras

Some festivals are all about the music and some festivals go a little further and have some extras that make the festival special. Open’er had some of these extras including a cool fireworks display after Prince played in 2011. The Silent Disco takes place in an old aircraft hangar built into a hill just off the main strip. There is also a Fashion Stage which combines music with art and fashion.

Heineken Open'er Festival



Beer Access

This was the main disappointment with the Open’er Festival. It is not possible to enjoy a beer while watching a gig. The Bars are in designated areas where you have to drink your beer. There are security guys preventing you from bringing your alcohol out of the designated area. This might not bother everyone but for those who enjoy wandering around the stages with a beer in your hand, unfortunately this is not possible at the Heineken Open’er Festival

Festival Site Layout

As this festival is located on an old Military Airport there is a large run way running the length of the festival. The festival site itself is quite narrow meaning that the tents are located one after the other creating quite a large distance between some of the stages.



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