Waterless Festival Wash Kit

Wash Kit

Keeping clean can be tricky at a festival but is a lot easier when you are prepared. Nobody likes the trek across the campsite to the shower area where you will be greeted by a massive queue of people looking to wash off the previous days mayhem. It seems that no matter what time of the day you try to shower there is always a queue. Well we have the answer for you….

Our friends at Filthy Fox Festival Gear supply an entire section of great products to keep you clean this summer. One of their products is the Waterless Festival Wash Kit which contains

Nilaqua No Water Shampoo & Conditioner

As the name suggests, this is a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t require water so you can avoid the trek and queue at the showers! They are 65ml which is the perfect size for use at a festival and bring on an plane if flying to a foreign festival. We have found that the apple fragrance is very nice too so you will not only have clean hair but will smell fresh also J

Wash Kit contents

Nilaqua No Water Body Wash

Again like the Shampoo, no water is needed meaning you can get clean from the luxury of your own tent. You simply massage into your skin and then towel dry. Couldn’t be easier. We found that at 65ml its small enough to carry in your backpack and can be used for the entire weekend (don’t share with your friends, tell them to get their own!!)

Nilaqua Expanding Cleaning Wipes x 4

When using the Body Wash you might want something to apply it with. These Expanding Wipes are primarily designed for use with the Nilaqua Body Wash. Simply apply the Body Wash and the wipe will expand like magic! The pack is resealable and the wipes can be used with water to clean anything including dirty shoes which you are likely to have at a festival.

Disposable toothbrush x 2

Let’s face it, you are going to forget to bring something to the festival and its likely to be your toothbrush! There is nothing better when you wake up in your tent after a heavy night and brush your teeth…instance alertness! These disposable toothbrushes are perfect for a festival as they include toothpaste within the brush and it appears when you push the handle. There is only enough paste for one brush though so you may need to borrow some paste from your friends to get through the weekend!

As you can see the Waterless Festival Wash Kit is an essential for any weekend festival to keep you clean and fresh without those festival shower queues.
This kit costs £9.99 (Approx €12.25) from Filthyfox.co.uk who also have a large selection of festival essentials. All products within the kit can also be bought separately

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