Top Tips

  • Like most festivals, no glass is allowed on site, and that includes perfume/aftershave as well as alcohol etc. If you do bring glass it will all be confiscated!
  • Plastic and cans are allowed in campsites and around the festival sites. Unlike other festivals there is no segregation between campsite and festival site
  • Pack essentials such as warm/waterproof clothing, ponchos, boots/wellies & dry socks. Our friends at have ready made festival packs which include all other essentials you will needs including sun cream, wet wipes etc. Read our reviewGlastonbury Map 2014
  • Food and cooking equipment are allowed but you won’t need them as you can eat really well and cheaply on site.
  • If you have anything valuable with you, don’t leave it in your tent. Essential valuables can be left at the free 24-hour Property Lock-ups which marked on Festival map with the keyhole logo.
  • Make a note of your mobile phone’s unique IMEI number (find it by pressing *#06# ). It really helps to be able to quote that when reporting a lost phone.
  • If you have your friends tickets then ensure you give them to them before you leave for the festival as it is extremely difficult to meet at the gates. If you have to meet up, do it at least 5 miles away from the Festival.
  • Be prepared to show your ticket for inspection at car park entrances or when catching public transport or the shuttle bus, BUT do not give your ticket to anyone, even if they look like stewards, until you reach the tent in front of the turnstiles where they check your ticket photo.
  • There is a souvenir programme that is free with your ticket when you enter, 
  • You can get toilet rolls, recycling bags, sun cream and condoms all for free at Information points 🙂
  • In addition to information being available the information points, Festival Information will also be available on Twitter! While at the Festival tweet your question to @glastoinfo between 8am and midnight, Wednesday to Sunday, and they’ll do their very best to tweet back the answer!
  • The GlastonbGlastonbury Free Pressury Free Press, will be distributed around site on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be available at Information Points.
  • Tap water is safe to drink so take a water bottle with you and fill it for free from taps dotted around the Festival site.
  • Look under 21? Bar staff will ask for proof of age whenever a customer appears to be under 21 – so if you think there is a chance you may be asked, best bring some photo ID. To try to help Glastonbury trialled a voluntary ‘Challenge 21 wristband’ scheme in 2013 which means you should only have to show your ID once. Hopefully it will be introduced again in 2014. They should be available from the Secure Property Lockups in each of the campsites – you do not have to have a ‘Challenge 21 wristband’ but it may make your life a lot easier.

Other Tips

Getting Ready

  • Gazebos take up other people’s camping space and usually get trashed – probably best not to bring one
  • Don’t forget your ticket – no ticket, no entrance!
  • Only bring what you can afford to lose. Although crime levels are not high, there is no way you can make a tent secure.
  • You will have to carry all your stuff some distance – so travel light.
  • Just about everything you need can be bought on site, from beer to food to extra clothes
  • Only carry a small amount of cash. Only bring the bank cards you need for the ATMs on site, and leave a note of their numbers at home to make cancellation easier, if they get lost. 
  • Remember to bring your vital medications and keep them with you.
  • The campsites are patrolled for peoples personal sound systems, which will be confiscated so don’t bring your own sound system

Getting There

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  • Try to travel by public transport as it will save you money, reduces pollution, is stress-free, sociable and helps you to beat the queues.
  • Gates open from 8am Wednesday 25th June. Car parks will be open overnight on Tuesday, but if you arrive early you have to stay in your car until the gates open. Stewards will not permit any fires, music or partying in the car parks.
  • When getting close to the Glastonbury site on your journey be ready for queues and bring plenty of water and make use of the loo. The longest queues on the roads will be between 7.00 and 13.00 on Wednesday 25th – with the greatest delays being on the A39 from the M5. Plan your journey to avoid the busiest times and routes, and listen to your radio for up to date traffic information.
  • Look after your ticket; they’re like gold-dust. In the past there have been thefts of tickets at motorway services some distance from the Festival.
  • If you use Sat Nav, check out directions to Car Parks in the Fine Guide map – and when you get close to the site follow the car park signs and the directions of stewards.

Getting In

  • Try to avoid peak times entering the festival,like Wednesday morning. If you do find yourself in a queue, make sure you have bottled water and maybe a couple of beers for the wait!
  • You will be wristbanded at the gate. Make sure that your wristband is firmly secured but not too tight as you have to wear it for the weekend!
  • Keep your ticket and wristband safe once you are on site, as without them you will not be able to leave or re-enter the site, and that includes going to and from the car parks and the caravan and campervan fields and offsite campsites (including Worthy View).
  • If you do leave to go to carparks, there are dedicated lanes at gates for festival goers who have already been on site which are separate from those arriving for the first time. Make sure you are in the correct lane. No point in queuing for no reason!

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