Making your festival mobile phone last for the entire weekend of a festival can be tricky but is possible!

We all rely on mobile phones when arranging to meet friends and this is essential at a festival. Lets be honest, nobody likes wandering around a festival site hoping you see someone you know after your phone battery dies. Later finding out that your friends were partying with Dave Grohl and trying to call you to come join them!

The below tips will keep you contactable throughout the festival

  1. Make sure your festival mobile phone is fully charged when leaving for the festival
  2. If driving to the festival, charge your phone in the car on your journey
  3. For Smart Phone users, switch off your mobile data as this eats the battery power. Switch it on whenever you need to check something online or use an app
  4. Bring a spare phone. If one dies then put in SIM into another and hey presto your back
  5. Turn off your phone at night. This is easier said then done after a night of festival antics but if you can remember it will help the batteryFestival mobile phone
  6. If you want to take photos of your favourite acts then maybe bring a compact camera/disposable camera and don’t use your camera phone. This also eats the battery a lot.
  7. Bring the latest mobile phone charging gadget that uses solar power or some sort of renewable energy. Check out the Power Wellies for example
  8. If you forget or cant do any of the above then check at the festival site for mobile phone charging areas. These can be handy if you can leave your phone for a few hours and don’t mind paying a small fee. Most of the bigger festivals have this facility now

Now if you follow the above tips your festival mobile phone will be sorted and you wont miss a call or txt at your festival this summer.

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