The Unicorn Flag at Glastonburys Pyramid Stag

When making a list of essentials to bring to your next festival you might include; a tent, rain jacket, sun cream etc. Well we have a new item you may not have thought of which will come in very handy especially if you are going to the Glastonbury festival…….a Festival Flag!

The guys from Funky Leisure were kind enough to send us a Festival Flag and a pocket flag pole to try out at the Glastonbury festival and it worked very, very well. Funky Leisure have a large stock of different Festival Flags and we chose the Unicorn Flag due to its uniqueness (we hoped nobody else would have the same flag at Glastonbury…and they didn’t!)

We had a large group and knew it would be difficult to keep us all together and to find each other throughout the weekend. We simply wouldn’t have been able to find each other if it were not for the Unicorn Flag. It worked brilliantly for both finding our group at the stages and also to keep us together when moving from stage to stage within a sea of 150,000 Glastonbury festival goers! We managed to keep it up at all times, sharing the responsibility of holding it amongst our group.

Find it difficult to find your tent after a few ciders especially when you bought the same blue 2 man tent as everyone else? Stick the flag up beside your tent for an easy way to find it in the crowd.

unicorn-blue-flagThe Festival Flag itself was a perfect size (150cm x 90cm (5ft x 3ft)) to pick out in the crowd. It is good quality and not likely to rip easily. The pocket pole uses its telescope design to extend its size (full size 2.7m) and collapse down easily. This is very handy if you will be taking the flag down for periods of the day. As we tried to keep it up at all times we rarely needed to collapse it down and would consider bringing a longer flag pole next year so the flag can be seen from even further away.


Telescopic Flag Pole

The Festival Flag is easily connected to the pole using the Flag Bungees that Funky Leisure also provided. For longer poles you may be able to attach more than one flag to the pole but will need more of these Bungees. 

A flag and periscope flag pole is definitely a must for Glastonbury and any large may be able to attach more than one flag to the pole but will need more of these straps.

Flag £3.49
Flag Pole £9.99
Flag Bungees £2.49

Visit Funky Leisure to view the different types of Festival Flags and flag poles they have on offer

Check out all the Festival Flags at Dolly Parton at this years Glastonbury Festival

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