Festival Season is upon us with some of Europes biggest Music Festivals getting underway in in a few short weeks. With so much talk about who is playing at what festival it can be easy to forget about the essentials items you will need to bring with you to your chosen festival.

Here at Festival Tips, we have jotted down a few of these essentials to add to your Festival List so you have time to get organised for the best weekendFestival List of the summer

  1. Footwear – Bring comfortable shoes/trainers as you will be on your feet for most of the day. Also bring Wellies for the festival famous mud! Flip-Flops are a must when attending a sunny festival and also can be used for shower time.
  2. Camp Chairs – Nobody likes sitting on the grass, mud, concrete in the campsite. Camp Chairs can be relatively cheap to buy and can be easily strapped onto a backpack.
  3. Stage Time Table – These can be purchased at most festivals in the form of a handy lanyard but it worth bringing your own timetable with the bands you dont want to iss marked on it. Reason being that your friend is likely to “borrow” the lanyard and disappear for several hours! Always good to have a spare one.
  4. Water Supply – There is nothing worse than waking up the morning after the night before gasping for water and having to trek around the campsite in search of drinking water and then having to queue up for some. Stock up on some bottled water before arriving. It will be worth it.
  5. Flashlight – Some campsites can be badly light so worth bringing a small torch for those early morning trips to the toliets. Also handy when trying to find items in your tent at night.
  6. Beer – This is clearly important and not something you are likely to forget however bringing the right amount is important. You dont want to bring too little and be the one asking all your friends (or strangers) for a few cans! On the flip side you dont want to bring too many beers and wake up on the morning after the festival with a load of beers to carry home with you or even worse leave behind!
  7. Shower Supplies – If you plan to be clean for at least a few hours during the weekend then dont forget the shower supplies. This includes shorts or swimsuit/bikini if you dont fancy showering naked. Although at a European Festival this is probably ok 🙂
  8. Spare Phone – If you are like most people nowadays and have a smartphone, you are probably used to the battery dying after a day or so. It is a good idea to bring a spare phone for when your phone dies. Most festivals have an area to charge phones now too. Also a good idea to turn off your Mobile Data in order to save some battery for phone calls/text messages for when you have lost your friends!

Soon we will be posting a full downloadable festival list with all the items you will need to survive any festival this summer.  Check back to our website soon

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